Acute Pain

Acute Pain

What is Acute Pain?

Acute Pain is generally a self-limiting type of pain that can be caused by a sprain/strain type of injuries. It usually comes on suddenly and caused by something specific. How long acute pain lasts can vary by injury type, but normally acute pain lasts between 2-3 weeks to 3 months.

Acute pain is not based on “type” of pain, rather how long the pain lasts. The pain is usually more severe in the initial stages and gradually dissipates over time.

X Ray Results

Causes of Acute Pain

Acute Pain is often the result of an injury or an event. Here are some common examples:

  • Surgical Procedures

  • Injury (fracture/broken bones e.g.)

  • Dental work/Oral Surgery

  • Burns or lacerations

  • Labor and childbirth


There are many ways we can help diagnose acute pain

Proper medical history (especially the onset of pain)

• Physical examination

• X-ray, CT or MRI 

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