Autologous BMC Up to Two Injection Sites $6,500.00 for up to 2 joints 
Autologous BMC Intravenous Injection  $6,500.00 for the first procedure, and $3,250.00 for additional procedures 
Autologous BMC Add on Intravenous Injection $1,800.00 per procedure 
Additional Injection Sites Each injection site after the first two $850.00 
PRP Treatment Up to Two Joints $1,500.00 
Hair and Facial Treatments Biologic treatment for aesthetic results $1,500.00 
Pain MD Houston accepts cash and credit cards. Please inquire about our payment plans and financing options. We require 50% of your payment at the time of scheduling your procedure and must be paid in full on the day of your appointment.

**If the procedure is not 50% or more effective at 6-12 months, we may choose to repeat the procedure for 50% of the total current cost. Any additional body parts are $850 per body part if you have not been previously injected.

You must understand this procedure is still considered as experimental and is NOT guaranteed and that there will be NO REFUND if the results are not as expected.

You must understand if you have had previous surgery to a disc which is being injected with ASC, this disc may be weaker and there is potential this procedure could increase a herniation or bulge to this disc.

All procedures performed at the Pain MD Houston are NOT covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance.

You MUST have an MRI or CT scan for spine evaluation and/or x-ray for peripheral joints which is less than ONE year old when you are to be evaluated by the physician to see if you are an appropriate candidate for stem cell therapy or PRP.

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to your questions.

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