Radial Tunnel Syndrome

(Entrapment of the Radial Nerve)

Radial Tunnel Syndrome

What is Radial Tunnel Syndrome? 

This condition involves the radial nerve in your elbow. The radial nerve passes down your arm to your head. Its branches travel into your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. With this condition, your radio nerve is compressed, stretched or irritated.

This problem is link to a tight space in your elbow called the “radial tunnel”. Your nerve passes through this tunnel. Inside, it can be squeezed by surrounding tissues. Radial tunnel syndrome can develop if you do a lot of forceful pushing and pulling with your arms. It can be caused by repetitive wrist bends, or by gripping, pinching or twisting motions. It can develop because of a problem with the anatomy of your elbow. And, it can happen because of a sharp blow to your elbow, or because of a tumor.

Symptoms include pain, tenderness and weakness along the top of your forearm just below the elbow. You may feel it in the back of your hand. The pain may feel sharp or achy. It hurts more when you use your arm, especially when you try to straighten your wrist and fingers.

Treatment options be include medications, a brace or splint, and therapy. If these aren’t helpful, you may need surgery. Your healthcare provider at Pain MD Houston can create a plan it’s right for you.

Radial Tunnel Syndrome

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