Dr. Jessen Mukalel: A Trailblazer in Pain Management

Dr. Jessen Mukalel defies the conventions of a typical pain management physician. His approach is distinctly shaped by the meaningful connections he forges with his patients, drawn from both his understanding of their needs and his journey as a pain patient. Mukalel’s professional trajectory has been unconventional, marked by a commitment to opioid-free pain management through innovative diagnostic techniques and therapeutic interventions.

Pioneering Pain Relief Strategies

At the core of Dr. Mukalel’s practice are reversible diagnostic injections that unveil the sources of pain, enabling the anticipation of therapeutic success. His arsenal of therapeutic procedures encompasses nerve ablation, neuro-stimulation, percutaneous sacroiliac joint fusions, minimally invasive lumbar decompressions, botox injections, regenerative bone marrow stem cell therapies, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and Ketamine infusion treatments. Focusing on this specialized range of treatments, Dr. Mukalel attests to achieving near-complete pain relief, often surpassing patient expectations, all without relying on traditional pain medications or steroids. His commitment to his patients is encapsulated in the assurance of his time, respect, and personalized attention to guide them back to their true selves.

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A Distinctive Journey

Uniqueness is the hallmark of Dr. Mukalel’s professional background. His journey commenced with training in Hungary, Europe, culminating in the Netherlands Antilles Islands in 2006. Initially immersed in surgical training, he transitioned to specialize in Anesthesia in Chicago, Illinois. His pursuit led him through an acute pain management and regional anesthesia fellowship in Pittsburgh, where he later assumed the role of a fellowship director at the University of Texas. Serving as the director of Pain Management and Obstetrical Anesthesia at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, was another significant chapter.

Furthering his expertise, he completed a second fellowship in Chronic Interventional Pain at the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater, Florida, before establishing his practice in Tampa. Currently based in The Woodlands, Texas, Dr. Mukalel acknowledges the invaluable guidance of mentors and the continuous education gleaned from his patients’ experiences.

Patient-Centric Philosophy

Having assisted numerous patients across multiple states over a decade, Dr. Mukalel advocates for unconventional thinking regarding pain management. He firmly believes that opioids are not a sustainable solution for those enduring persistent pain. Positioned as one of the select few doctors in Houston, Texas, providing Dorsal Root Ganglion stimulation for neuropathic pain, he stands as the sole practitioner offering groundbreaking solutions like The Intercept Procedure for discogenic lower back pain, LinQ Sacral fusion for Sacral Fusion therapy by Pain Teq, and the Sonnex Micro-knife, an innovative, minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery with rapid healing.

Empowering Patients with Choices

Dr. Mukalel emphasizes the importance of non-surgical options for pain treatment, reserving surgery as a last resort for individuals facing joint or spine functionality loss. His philosophy centers on empowering patients to explore alternatives before considering surgery, reinforcing the belief that surgery becomes the right solution only when other avenues prove insufficient.

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